Audit Committee Meeting - December 13, 2019

Finance Commission Building | William F. Aldridge Hearing Room,
2601 N. Lamar Blvd. | Austin, Texas 78705

8:00 a.m.

Public comment on any agenda item or issue under the jurisdiction of the Finance Commission agencies is allowed. Finance Commission members who are not members of the Audit Committee may be present at this committee meeting creating a quorum of the Finance Commission.

  1. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the October 18, 2019 and November 14, 2019 Audit Committee Meetings
  2. Review of Agencies’ Activities
    1. Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner
    2. Texas Department of Banking
    3. Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending
  3. Discussion and Possible Vote to Recommend that the Finance Commission Take Action on the Selection of an Internal Auditor for the Finance Commission Agencies for Fiscal Year 2020
  4. Report on Activities Relating to the Texas Financial Education Endowment Fund

Note: The Audit Committee may go into executive session (close its meeting to the public) on any agenda item if appropriate and authorized by the Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 551.

Meeting Accessibility: Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Finance Commission will accommodate special needs. Those requesting auxiliary aids or services should notify the Texas Department of Banking, 2601 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78705, (512) 936-6222, as far in advance of the meeting as possible.