Complaints and Inquiries


File A Written Complaint Against an Entity 

The following entities are regulated, licensed, or registered by the agencies under the supervision of the Finance Commission. Consumers may make inquiries or file a complaint against an entity listed below by contacting the respective agency listed in the table.

To learn more about the entities regulated by each agency, please visit their websites.

Texas Department of Banking


Savings & Mortgage Lending Department


Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner


  • State-Chartered Commercial Banks
  • Offices of Foreign Bank Agencies
  • Public Trust Companies
  • Exempt Trust Companies
  • Money Services Businesses
  • Prepaid Funeral Contract Sellers
  • Perpetual Care Cemeteries
  • State-Chartered Savings Banks
  • Residential Mortgage Loan Originators
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Mortgage Bankers
  • Mortgage Services


  • Regulated Lenders
  • Second Lien Mortgage Lenders
  • Pawnshops & Pawn Employees
  • Motor Vehicle & Commercial Vehicle Retail Finance Sellers
  • Registered Retail Creditors
  • Property Tax Lenders
  • Residential Mortgage Loan Originators
  • Debt Management & Debt Settlement Service Providers
  • Refund Anticipation Loan Facilitators
  • Manufactured Housing Creditors
  • Credit Access Businesses (Payday and Auto Title Loan Companies)
  • Crafted Precious Metals Dealers


File a Written Complaint Against the Texas Department of Banking, Savings and Mortgage Lending Department, or the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

Consumers may file a written complaint against one of the three agencies under the supervision of the Finance Commission. Complaints against an agency should be submitted in writing at the following:


Finance Commission of Texas
Attn: Executive Director
State Finance Commission Bldg.
2601 North Lamar
Austin, Texas 78705



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