Study Committee


Section 11.305 of the Texas Finance Code, authorizes the Commission to conduct research on:

(1) the availability, quality and prices of financial services, including lending and depository services, offered to agricultural businesses, small  businesses, and individual consumers in this state; and

(2) the practices of business entities in this state that provide financial services to agricultural businesses, small businesses, and individual consumers in this state.

The Commission established a Study Committee to coordinate and review any statutorily-required or authorized studies as well as those determined to be necessary by the Commission. The committee provides oversight for the contracts and activities of independent contractors engaged to conduct studies as well as monitoring and overseeing Legislative Interim Studies as appropriate.  Completed studies can be found on the Finance Commission website under "Reports".

Additionally, the Study Committee oversees activities related to the self-direct, semi-independent (SDSI) status of the agencies by conferring with agencies on interests, issues, and matters related to the SDSI status and Sunset Review; monitoring general reporting requirements to governing bodies and the state legislature associated with the SDSI status; and Exploring additional strategies with agency heads regarding implementation and operational policies related to the SDSI status.

The committee will review and make recommendations for updates to the policies and procedures of the Finance Commission every biennium, and be responsible for the overview of agency policies.



Committee Chair Glen Martin (Marty) Green
Committee Member Hector Cerna
Committee Member Troy Lambden
Committee Member Miguel Romano, Jr.