Finance Commission Members

The composition of the Commission includes:

  • two state bank executives,
  • one state savings executive,
  • one consumer credit executive,
  • one residential mortgage loan originator, and
  • six public members, one of whom must be a certified public accountant.

Members serve overlapping, six-year terms; members with expired appointments continue serving until their replacements are named. The Governor appoints the presiding officer, currently Phillip A. Holt, from Bonham, Texas.

Commission Members

Title Committee Membership Hometown Member Representation Term Expiration
Phillip A. Holt, Chair   Bonham, TX Consumer Credit 2022-02
George (Cliff) McCauley,Vice Chairman Study Committee San Antonio, TX Banking 2024-02
Robin Armstrong, M.D. Study Committee Friendswood, TX Public 2022-02
Robert (Bob) Borochoff Strategic Planning Committee Houston, TX Public 2022-02
Hector J. Cerna Audit Committee Eagle Pass, TX Banking 2026-02
Larry Long Audit Committee Dallas, TX Public 2026-02
William M. (Will) Lucas Strategic Planning Committee Center, TX Savings 2024-02
Sharon McCormick Study Committee Frisco, TX Mortgage Broker 2026-02
Vince E. Puente, Sr. Strategic Planning Committee Ft. Worth, TX Public 2024-02
Debbie Scanlon Audit Committee Missouri, TX Public 2022-02
Laura Nassri Warren Study Committee Palmhurst, TX Public 2026-02